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In the meanwhile the General Assembly is called to vote the new board, we have started making some work.

- Facebook. There is new Facebook page for news of the IFWP. This fanpage is administrated by our secretary Anita Campbell (Sweden) and our website coordinator Almudena Marcos (Spain): IFWP Fanpage

- Website and Facebook. A small team of 3 people is working now on the website updating news and making an inform for improving contents and sections.

- Teaching. We have 2 persons starting translating and proofing PDF articles to be uploaded on a special section in our website and facebook. This is starting with basic teaching but also advanced following José B. Ruiz Method of learning translated from spanish with more than 5 million downloads. It will be available from mid January: Un año de fotografía

- New clubs are following our developments:  ASCPF, AFNI, MONTPHOTO, AFONIB, ASAFONA, FONAMAD, RUWP - Allrussian All regional Union of wildlife photographers. VADON... Let´s wait until January to send them the info to become members.

- New document for members aceptation and fees. It will have a section in our website so that any club can check the fees and procedures. If any club needs it in advance it is now available.

- New guide for associations. Developed from AEFONA Spain this is in word, pdf and e-book format to download. The Spanish version is available at AEFONA website, but it is being proofed in English and soon available. It is plenty of advices for boards and members about how to manage an association, specially how to keep high hopes and work together for a common interest.

Please keep updated in our website and Facebook.