Summary of the XXVI Aefona´s Congress 2018

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We have just returned home from this year’s AEFONA congress, and we are very happy to have shared lots of beautiful moments with friends and colleagues for a long weekend.

The XXVI AEFONA congress was held in Valdellòs i Hospitalet de l’Infant (Spain) last weekend and there we enjoyed activities and talks for three days, 6-8 of December.

The first day, Thursday the 6th of December, started - as always - with the General Annual Assembly for our members, and this year it was very special since AEFONA’s board has changed. The board team leaded by Pablo Bou have left after four years of amazing work, and the new board lead by the new president, Miguel Ángel Pedrera, was voted and elected.

After this, the program started with the talk of the association Young Nature Photographers, who came to present the international community of young nature photographers, and they presented the work of one of the young members of the community, Arnau Pou.



Later that morning we enjoyed the talk by Fran Parody, Foxes, a look at their privacy: Silacea project, and after we could listen to José Luis Gómez de Francisco, who presented his book 35 years of photos on the backpack.

The afternoon continued with the talks of the Catalan Society of nature photographers (SCFN) and the Spanish Photography Confederation (CEF).

Later, we enjoyed the talk by Uge Fuertes, with the presentation of his new book Imagining worlds, and after him, we listened to the talk by Javier Puertas, Photographic Nature; followed by the last talk by Oriol Alamany and Eulàlia Vicens, After the trail of the snow leopard.

On Friday the 7th we started early morning with a photographic activity outdoors at sunrise in one of the iconic places in town, the beach of Torn.

Once back at the auditorium, we started the second day watching the audio-visuals by AEFONA members, we talked about the news for this coming year and we got to know our sponsors this year, which are: Arcadina, FotoRuanoPro, Eltima, Olympus, Fujifilm, Akashi Travel, Photopills, PhotoLogistisc, FotoK, Kamera, EGM, Canson, Ajuntament de Vandellòs i Hospitalet de l’Infant.

Later the same morning we continued with the talk by Óscar Díez, Time is what it is, followed by Mario Suárez with his talk on Artistic bird photography.

We finished the morning with the presentation of the award-winner for the Conservationist Photographer of the Year 2018, prize awarded by AEFONA. And the winner for the 2018 edition is Jaime Culebras for his project “Ecuador, the biodiversity in extinction”   

After the lunch break, we enjoyed the talk by Pere Soler, Bird’s eye view, followed by the presentation of Ramiro Díaz’s personal project, Once upon a time there was a mouse, and J.B. Ruiz’s personal projects, Nature video with drone.

The afternoon was closed by the award-winner of the contest Conservationist Photographer of the Year (FCA), Jaime Culebras, who presented us his talks Ecuador, a megadiverse country and Loosing the biodiversity in Ecuador.



We started the last day of the congress with a new outdoor photographic activity at dawn, this time to enjoy the beach of Torn, emblematic landscape of Vandellòs i l’Hospitalet de l’Infant, from another perspective.

Once we all gathered again in the auditorium we listened to the presentations by Juanjo Peñafiel, From the invisible to the visible and by Ilñaki Relanzón, From Malvinas to Galápagos: the wild archipelagos.

The last talk was given by the Portuguese photographer Ricardo Lourenço, who showed us two presentations: the first by the collective to which he belongs with three other photographers, Alentejo Salvaje, and the second his personal work, Realces.




All this without forgetting our fantastic exhibition, which this year took the title Our magic nature, and contributed to this magnificent weekend.

And as always, receiving the newly printed IRIS with the work of our members is always a very emotional part of our congresses.

Thanks to everyone for another year!

New contest

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Hi, everyone!


Yes, we know Christmas is around the corner, but we just wanted to let you know that our friends from the Slovenian Nature Association are having a

photo contest in the beginning of next year.


The contest Magical Nature/The nature Photography of the Year is open to amateur as well as professional photographers from around the world.


You have time to present your photographs until February 17th next year, 2019.


The competition is now open! Go to the link bellow and entry your photos!


Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


IFWP Congress Report

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Our congress took place in a beautiful place plenty of photo opportinities. We have to thank all the efforts made by our secretary, Anita Campbell to make it possible and well organized.

Five days plenty of activities, convivence, friendship, landscape...making the most of surises and sunsets.

Before the congress we received many General Assembly documents completed with the votes and proposals for IFWP, so we had a meeting to inform about the results and decissions for the future.



Provide more information about:
-The budget for USB present for last congress.
-The conservation project.
-Members that do not have an administrator for the facebook webpage.


-No change of name.
-Change the treasury system.
-Category in our competition with digital manipulation.
-Allow cropping in our competition to a maxximum of 3.500 px.



-The budget for USB present for 2017 congress. Every year the board wills to thank all our members that effort coming to the congress by giving a gift. This items serve also to represent us, given to sponsors and everywhere we have a meeting about conservation agreements and other representative matters. Last year it was an USB pendrive marked in laser IFWP in green colour that costed 918 euro. We made 1.200 units and we have 982 that will last some years. This year present has been a soft lens cleaner cloth in green colour, printed IFWP. We made 200 and the cost was 94 euro.

-The conservation project. We discuss about this project in our congress and informed about its basement. Very soon a large pdf with all details will reach our members and published in our media. Basically is a campaign with different photo equipment brands and dealers to distribute a foldable brochure to promote the respect to  nature from some of our most renown nature and conservation photographers in IFWP.

-Members that do not have an administrator for the facebook webpage. Please write an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



We had a fast and positive response from our members in Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Cornwall, France and Spain and some of the GA documents arrived later. Our main works this year are:

-Change the economic system.
-Start our big conservation project.
-Keep our competition and congress dates.
-Get our members more involved.



Campbell, Anita. Secretary.
Hermansen, Pal. Vicepresident.
Westh Hansesn, Svend Erik. Treasurer.
Pesjak, Carlo. Vocal.
Ruiz, Jose B. President.



There is a new initiative to add to hides for conservation from SAM, a foundation to buy land in Menorca island for a wildlife and autoctonous horses sanctuary. We will start helping the founders by sepetember 2018.

We are looking for a new competition manager so that the last volunteers can join the competition. We have asked about in the Gereral Assembly document. There is a compensation as having free accommodation in our congress. A B plan is to fix the volunteering for 4 years and offer some expenses or compensation.

This year we will delay the dates waiting for proposals from our members. There should be a fixed budget for congress every year to help organizers 1.000 euro. 2019 IFWP Congress. We expect to have proposals from our members for 2019. Cornwall will be the proposal for 2020, kidly offered from our member Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

Anita Campbell, our secretary, has been judge in Montphoto competition and lecturer in Montphoto Fest 2018. She had a great success.

YNP Camp 2018

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YNP CAMP, 1-4 November in Berlin


Welcome to the First Meeting of Young Nature Photographers community. An amazing long weekend that will take place this November 1-4 in Berlin, the YNP CAMP 2018.
This event is open to just 20 Young Nature Photographers, up to 25 y/o and it’s free. Just a 20 euros donation is required. We provide you all activities along the long weekend, accomodation at a very nice Hostel (shared rooms & breakfast incl.) and some meals.
If your passionate about nature photography, join us!! :)

Main contents along the long week-end are:


We are pleased to confirm the following speakers: Sandra Bartocha (Thursday), Klaus Tamm and Hermann Hirsch (Saturday) and Jon A Juárez (Sunday)



Two workshops will take place on Saturday morning. One about microscopy thanks to Zeiss, and another one about birds.

Photo Rally

Nature in the city. On Friday. Berlin is a super green city, we will arrange a nice photographic rally along all the day…pictures pictures and pictures! with some surprises!

Portfolio review

Time to chill, to talk and enjoy with YNP CAMP participants, and to have a look at your photo profile as well, if you want to.

YNP presentations

All YNP CAMP participants are invited to make a short presentation (about 5 minutes talk) to show your work – On Sunday.

A lot of fun

We are preparing an amazing long weekend to learn, to share, and of course, to enjoy it!!



YNP CAMP 2018 Opening. We and our friends - that make possible this event occurs - will welcome you in the afternoon. We will introduce each other, and after that we will have a nice conference with Sandra Bartocha.

If you plan to arrive earlier, we have some touristic recommendations to you.




On Friday, we will do what we like the most, nature photography. As we are in super green city: Berlin. We have prepared an amazing activity for today, a photographic rally in the city. Plenty of surprises and nice awards.


Two stunning workshops will take place in the morning. Microscopy and birds workshops. We will learn and take a lot of pics!

In the afternoon, two amazing lectures with Hermann Hirsch and Klaus Tamm!!!



YNP members portfolio presentations and portfolio review.

An amazing lecture by Jon Andoni Juarez  in the morning.

Closure event, and short YNP CAMP 2019 presentation.


Young nature photographers is the community for youth, a platform to facilitate connections and meetings among all members. We want to support the discovery of new environments and the development of creativity and artistic sensibility without forgetting all environmental and conservationist values.

Book your tickets at:

* Minors, up to 14 years old, must be accompanied by an adult. Minors between 15-17 years of age must provide a disclaimer for their parents or guardians.

** The contents of the festival will be entirely in English.


Protect the wolf in Denmark

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Hello to everyone!


We would like to share with all of you a new group in Denmark created to protect the wolf in that country.


Svend Erik, from Denmark, tells us that the wolf is back in Denmark for the first time in 200 years and, as they are just 4-7 of them, it is urgent to protect them from those who want to hunt them, kill them or put them behind fences.


This new grupo aims to protect them and, in that way, allow them to stay free and wild in nature where they belong.



Please, follow the link bellow for more information and for supporting the cause.



Attention all IFWP members!

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Here are some of the activities, besides all the nature photography, we willl indulge in during the 38th IFWP Congress on Gotland.

Make sure to register to the following e-mail adress: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will visit the lovely Lars Jonsson the 25th of August on southern Gotland, and have coffee or tea in his rose garden after seeing his exhibition

Lars Jonsson is Swedens most loved and respected bird painters. His bird guide is in the book shelf of every bird interested Swede's home. Here is one example of his art.
We will visit the summer place of the famous Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman the 24th of August, and have dinner in the Bergman Museum before hitting the coastline during sundown for sea stack photography.
For more information go to the following link:
If you arrive a day earlier, 22/8, you can catch our X-tra excursion to the spectacular bird island of Stora Karlsö. We will stay one night in the light-house area seen on the picture.
Three course dinner and breakfast will be included in the price.
Please go to
for more pictures and information.

Program for the 38th Congress on Gotland, Sweden

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22 August 

Early arrivals to Holmhällar

Activity 1:

Free photography all day


Lunch and dinner at Holmhällar


Activity 2:

Separate trip to Stora Karlsö. - Boat leaves 14:00 from Klintehamn. Bus takes you from Visby/airport to Klintehamn at 13:00. Photography. Three course dinner. Photography. Accommodation by the lighthouse.


23 August  

Activity 1:

Free morning photography for early arrivals.


Breakfast and lunch at Holmhällar or to go.


Activity 2:

Morning photography on Stora Karlsö, breakfast and return trip by boat to Klintehamn at 10:30 am.

Bus to Holmhällar from Klintehamn.

New arrival to Holmhällar with bus from Visby.


Dinner at Holmhällar and welcome!


Activity 1

Evening photography with a guide.***

Activity 2:

Sunset photography with filters and nocturnal workshop with José Benito Ruiz.*


24 August

Breakfast at Holmhällar or to go.


Activity 1:

Photography around Holmhällar and southern Gotland with a guide.***


Lunch and dinner at Holmhällar.


Activity 2:

Full day and evening trip to Visby. and Fårö

Bus to Visby (1,5 h). Lunch and visit for 2-3 hours. Bus continues to the island of Fårö and the Ingmar Bergman Center. Tour of the museum and a light dinner. Bus to the stone fields for photography before and at sundown. Bus to Holmhällar (3 hrs, opportunity to get some sleep on the bus:)).


25 August

Breakfast and lunch at Holmhällar or to go.


Early morning photography-landscape with a guide.***

Free time photography.

Visit and coffee at the Lars Jonsson Museum** (14:00-16;30). Hopefully Lars Jonsson will give us an overview of the nature of southern Gotland and guide us in his museum while we drink coffe in his beautiful rose garden.


Gala dinner with speakers, etc. Presentation of the "new" IFWP by José Benito Ruiz, president of the IFWP.


Activity 1:

Evening phography with a guide.***

Activity 2:

Sunset photography with filters and nocturnal workshop with José Benito Ruiz.*


26 August

Breakfast and lunch at Holmhällar or to go.


Activity 1 & 2:

Early morning photography on southern Gotland with a guide.***


Closing of the Congress.


Bus to the Visby ferries and airport.


*   José Benito Ruiz - President of the IFWP.

**  Lars Jonsson - World reknown bird painter

*** A guide will join you


LInks to follow for more information


Visby: Fårö


Stora Karlsö:ö Bergmancentret


Lars Jonsson: Museet



A word of note

Please inform your individual members and keep an eye in our website and Facebook pages. Very soon you will habe the full information and booking page activated.


***Tentative names of some of those who may function as guides for one or more groups are, besides José Benito Ruiz (President of the IFWP, Spain), Pål Hermansen (Vice President, Norway) and Brutus Östling (PhotoNatura, Sweden).




38th Congress 2018

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New platform for young photographers

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Last January a new platform for young nature photographers was born thanks to 4 people who are deeply connect to photography and nature: Mónica Busquets, Jon A. Juarez, Sergio MarijuánandAdelina Sánchez.

This platform aims to promote respect and love for our environment, but also discovering and showing all its treasures and biodiversity through the photos taken by the upcoming photographers.



Youngnaturephotographers seeks a virtual space via an online community, as well as a platform to facilitate connections and meetings among all members. We want to support the discovery of new environments and the development of creativity and artistic sensibility without forgetting all environmental and conservationist values.


Today our community is based on social media, with Instagram as our busiest platform. Every day @youngnaturephotographers publishes one of the many posted photos by our members (#youngnaturephotographers)



Some of the most active members are: Paloma Lario, Lluc Semis, Marc and Laura Albiac, David Guisande, Sabin Infante, Victor Ortega (Spain), Laurent Dumas (France), Toby Pickard (UK), Ashleigh Scully, Carolina Fraser (USA), Ingo Zahlheimer (Germany), Sara Skidell (Sweden), ... among the almost 700 members.


Besides the daily posts, there are ruffles backed by our partners. To participate one has to be 25 or younger and label their photos with our hashtag. All the photos posted from our members are shown also on Facebook, a very interesting platform full of shared articles and





Right on top of our ToDo list there is a new website for our community and a first international meeting planned for this autumn in Berlin (Germany).


Younger than 25 or not we are gonna be happy if you follow us!


Info and contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Welcome to ASNP

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We are very proud to welcome the Association of Slovenian Nature Photographers to our IFWP!!!


The Association was founded on April 5, 2017 in Ljubljana, where is based.


The Association of Nature Photographers of Slovenia encourage the photographers to improve nature photography and take care of nature conservation.


The purpose of the association is to promote and popularize author nature photography and to create a positive attitude to it, with pictures of nature in society organizing photo contests, exhibitions, screenings and conferences among photographers, to increase interest and make this style of photography more popular and, at the same time, increasing the formation of the members of the association and the community in general.


Until February 15, you have time to participate in their contest Nature Photography of the Year. And, if you want to know our new colleagues much better, this is their website:


We hope you will develop your projects with us and do not hesitate to suggest us any initiative for makig our Federation stronger. 


Welcome ASNP!!!