The IFWP, International Federation of Wildlife Photography, was founded in 1978, in France.

The Federation is an organization in which associations with similar aims can join. Actually represents 17 European associations and continuously increasing, with more than 5.000 photographers members. It aims to promote ethic nature photography and conservation of habitats and species.


We are all volunteers in the IFWP and give our time and efforts for the common welfare.


Our activities include:

-Information interchange We keep our association members in touch, updated and informed about each other activities and our Federation ones.

-Congress every year in a different country. A meeting of friendship, learning and photography.

-Competition. Every year the Federation holds a competition online.

-Audiovisuals and exhibitions. Not only from our members, the Federation produces regularly its own publications to show and promote our members work.


A new board has started working on 2017 and our plans in short term are: teaching through articles in our website; create a new group called IFWP Conservation; Solidars, a human chain to help photographers who are in special needs of care; and a committee in charge to attend our young photographers´needs and to promote their interests.


We bring high hopes and plenty of ideas. Let´s enjoy together of our common passion!


All photos on this site are protected by their authors legal rights.

We, photographers, have kindly agreed to allow the Federation to show our work.

All of us hope that you enjoy them and that they help to respect and preserve our Nature.

Thank you.


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Overall Winner


Matti Pukki, FNPA, Finland - Artistic Flight of the Seagulls


Category Birds

1st prize - Tommi Kuisma, FNPA, Finland - Meeting of the Red-throated Divers


2nd prize -Leo Vuorinen, FNPA, Finland - Eagle Owl and Stars


3rd prize - Robert Zöhrer, VTNÖ, Austria - Fishing Arctic tern (Sterna paradisaea)


Category Mammals

1st prize - Gerhard Kummer, VTNÖ, Austria - Too fat


2nd prize - Leopold Kanzler, VTNÖ, Austria - The street lamp cleaner


3rd prize - Robert Haasmann, VTNÖ, Austria - Mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei)


Category Insects &  Arachnids

1st prize Filip van Boven, BVNF, Belgium - Orange tip (Anthocharis cardamines)


2nd prize ex aequo Norbert Kaszás FNH, Hungary - Dancing on the water


2nd ex aequo Juhani Kosonen FNPA, Finland - Mosquito and Sunshine


Category Other Animals

1st - Jo Bogaerts, BVNF, Belgium - Ground Agama, Quiver Tree Forest, Namibia


2nd - Horst Ender, VTNÖ, AustriaGrass snake - (Natrix helvetica)


3rd ex aequo Daniel Jara, AEFONA, Spain - Ghost crab


3rd ex aequo Salvador Colvée, AEFONA, Spain - Smile


Category Plants & Fungi

1st prize - Michael Schober, VTNÖ, Austria - African montane forest


2nd prize - Markku Miettinen, FNPA, Finland - Pulsatilla vernalis


3rd prize - Erich Kuchling, VTNÖ, Austria - Colour Fantasy


Category Landscapes

1st prize - Robert Haasmann, VTNÖ, Austria - Taugl (river in Austria)


2nd prize - José Luis Llopis AEFONA, Spain - White storm


3rd prize - Alain Chappuis, ASPN, Swiss - Hoarfrost


Category Composition & Forms

1st prize - Matti Pukki, FNPA, Finland - Artistic Flight of the Seagulls


2nd prize - Carol Thoelen, BVNF, Belgium - Ballet of Dalmatian pelicans (Pelecanus crispus)


3rd prize - Swa Bouvé, BVNF, Belgium - Moss and a blade of grass